There’s Still Time to Give It a Go!

As summer rounds the bend, we’re scoping out ways to keep those summer makeup trends alive! It’s not too late to sport some of these stunning beauty tricks. From makeup to hair and nails, we’ve compiled a list of some summer trends you still have a chance to try this summer.

Pretty Lips
From classic reds to hot pink and punchy corals, the bright lip is a must for any summer occasion! If you are new to this trend, I would suggest trying out a few different colors to find one that won’t overwhelm you or be too much with your skintone. It is also a good idea to play carefully with the rest of your makeup when implementing this look. If you are planning on a bright lip, don’t go overboard on the eyes.

bright lips trend

Fun Nails
From fingers to toes, brights to pastels, super glossy to matte, literally everything goes this season. Try fun nail decals, play with multiple colors, and try the new trend of an “accent nail.” With this look, simply paint all of your nails the same, except one (typically the thumb or ring finger), which you make a different color, add a jewel, or a layer of glitter. Also new this summer, the ombre nails! How fun are these?!

ombre nails

Bright Eyes
Shy away from the bold “smoky eye” and try something different this summer for a feminine, doe-eyed look. Opt for lighter, sparkly shadows, and don’t be afraid to play with color. The secret to the bright eye? Put a pearly white shadow on the inner creases of your lid (near the bridge of your nose), and underneath the eye to brighten things up! Finish it with the perfect winged eyeliner (also known as the cat eye). Tip: Choose a liquid liner for best results!

summer eye makeup

Buns & Braids
If you pay any attention to beauty trends, you have probably already noticed the takeover of the buns and braids. Ballerina buns are quick, easy, and great for getting your hair away from your face on a hot, sticky summer day. Just keep in mind that the higher, and the bigger, the better!

top knot

Braids leave you with nearly limitless looks to try. From french braided side bangs and braided headbands, to fishtail side braids and ponytails with fun braided accents, this look can be easy to achieve — if you are good at braiding. Remember, practice makes perfect!

braided headband

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What summer beauty trend are you loving this summer?!

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