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12 Items to Always Keep in Your Purse

Not all bags are created equal. Some are small, some are large. However, we can all agree on one thing: The contents inside these bags are very, very important. What all does a girl need to carry?

Your bag can get loaded down with way too many things, so before you turn into Mary Poppins, we’ve put together a list of the 12 essentials. Read on to learn what the absolute musts are! (Psst: Going to a wedding? Then you’ll need to know this!)

12 Items to Always Keep in Your Purse

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  1. Breath Mints. You know what it’s like: You’ve just had an amazing meal, but it was heavy — and we mean heavy — on the garlic. Take our advice and don’t get mistaken for a vampire hunter. Be sure to always have some mints to freshen your breath!
  2. Nail file. Nothing is quite as irritating as getting a chip in your nail and not being able to do a single thing about it. Carry a file with you so that you can repair nail nuisances stat.
  3. Compact. Don’t leave home without a mirror. Period. This cute one from Sephora comes in four different colors, plus it has two different mirrors — one regular, and one with magnification.
  4. Hand Sanitizer. It is a dirty world out there, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting clean hands before you eat. This Method one is a fantastic choice because it’s cruelty-free, which means no animal testing in sight. Plus, it comes in some pretty packaging.
  5. Bobby Pins. Ever tried to grow your bangs out? Ever been caught in a wind gust? We’ve all been there. We’ve all been miserable through it. Do yourself a favor and keep a few bobby pins in your bag to clip up those strays. Why not have some fun, too, while you’re at it, and get them in a bold pattern?
  6. Pen and Notebook. Essential. Sure, you have a smartphone, but you never know when you’re going to need an actual pen and pad of paper. This handmade set from Etsy? Adorable. Etsy is full of cute options like this one, and you can customize them just the way you like.
  7. Pain Medicine. Ohhh, the pain. Headache, backache, sore muscles, you name it. The pain may catch you off-guard, but you have a quick riposte!
  8. Snack. Stuck in traffic. At an event where the cheapest food item is $5.00 (and that’s just for the pretzel — not including the cheese cup). Meeting ran late and you have an appointment after work, and now there’s no way you can grab dinner. All of this is no problem since you have a (healthy!) snack in your purse to hold you over.
  9. Spot Remover. Tide To-Go Erasers = lifesavers! All you do is squeeze the edges and wipe. Hint: Buy the 4-pack, because it’s much cheaper than buying them individually.
  10. Lip Gloss. Even if you’re in a hurry, you should always make sure to toss on a bit of gloss as you’re running out the door. It glams up your look in just three seconds!
  11. Band-Aids. Yeouch! Those super-cute new flats you just bought and couldn’t wait to wear out and about? They’re giving your heels blisters — but never fear. You’ve got Band-Aids with you. A quick “Hang on a sec, girls,” and you’re bandaged up and ready to get walkin’ again in no time.
  12. Deodorant. Goes without sayin’. This awesome little stick is handmade and poured into a lip balm tube, so it can fit into the tiniest of purses.

Now you’re prepared and ready to hit the world without anything to stop you. What did you think of our list? Anything to add?

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