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Bed to Beautiful: Your 10 Minute Morning Routine

You know the feeling: When you wake with a jolt and realize you slept through the alarm — and you’re supposed to be at work in half an hour (or maybe half an hour ago!).

We’ve all been there, so here are some tried and true tricks to avoid the panic that sets in when you realize you’re running very late!

10 minute morning routine

second day hair

Master Second-Day Hair

Not only is skipping a wash really healthy for your hair, it’s a super time saver! If you haven’t tried dry shampoo yet, you’re missing out. It freshens your hair, adds volume, and removes oil. Pull your hair up into a ponytail, add a headband for a polished look, and bam — great hair in under a minute.

{We recommend Oscar Blandi; it has a great lemony scent!}

pre-pack handabag

Prep your bags

Get into the routine of packing your bags the night before. Even if you aren’t pressed for time, it’s much easier to forget things in the morning. Make sure you have your essentials back in your handbag and your work bag is packed and ready.

pre-make coffee

Pre-make coffee

Another great thing to add to your nighttime routine is getting your coffee pot ready for the next morning’s brew! Grind your beans, measure it out, and save yourself 2-3 minutes the next day. If you’re trying to get out the door in 10 minutes, hitting “brew” while you’re rushing is so much easier. Coffee will also help you shake some of that sleep off.

go-to outfit

Have a go-to outfit

Don’t waste time trying to figure out what to wear, but also don’t throw on a thoughtless outfit. You should mentally have an outfit that you can always throw on when you’re pressed for time. A blazer, jeans, and flats (or a great pencil skirt if your dress code requires) is easy and works for pretty much any season. You’ll look totally pulled together and polished!

morning skin care regime

Skip the full skin care routine

As long as your nighttime routine involves a good cleansing and moisturizing, splashing some cool water on your face should be good enough. Just make sure you get all the sleep out of your eyes!

quick breakfast

Grab-and-Go Breakfast

Keep granola bars and fresh fruit that’s easy to eat on-the-go stocked in your fridge. There’s definitely no time for eggs and bacon, and stopping at McD’s on the way to work won’t save you time either. Grab something quick to eat on your way to work. It’s important to fuel up before starting your day. With so many quick options, breakfast should never be skipped because of time.


minimal makeup

Go with minimal makeup

A minimal makeup routine doesn’t mean no makeup. Think about makeup that saves you steps — like tinted moisturizer and a “multi” makeup stick that covers both your cheeks and lips. Add a quick swipe of mascara and you should be left looking fresh faced. You can pull this makeup routine off in about a minute!

easy accessory

Grab a simple accessory

An important part of getting ready in 10 minutes is trying not to look like you got ready in 10 minutes. A scarf will add some flair to your outfit without taking a second thought. Make it part of your go-to outfit so you don’t need to think about what matches what.

pack your lunch the night before

Pack lunch the night before

Again, if you make this a part of your nighttime routine you won’t be stressing over prepping a meal in the morning. Grab it from the fridge on your way out, along with your breakfast. Your meals for the day will be taken care of — no extra time required!

leave your keys out

Keep your keys in one place

Simple: You don’t want to be rushing around searching for your keys when you’re trying to fly out the door. Keep your keys in one spot — always.

Now, isn’t that easy? A lot of these steps are easy to incorporate into your everyday routine — so you can get ready without a thought. That’s most of what wastes our precious morning time — too much thought. If you do the thinking ahead of time you’ll be ready to take on the day without idling over which earrings look best with your outfit.

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