Festive looks we <3

Hi guys! How has your summer been? I hope it’s been so fun!  I want to talk about festive looks for the upcoming summer holidays like the Fourth of July! We have a lot of fun, summer handbags that will work great with just about any outfit!

Here is a list of must haves for the Fourth of July:

  1. Red, white or blue handbag 
  2. An american flag print scarf
  3. Sparklers
  4. Festive face paint






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Handbag (1)

Frost your wardrobe with accessories

Hi guys! HAPPY FRIDAY. :) I am so glad it’s the weekend! Summer is our favorite season because you have endless activities you can do outside and it’s warm! YAY!

Okay so I wanted to talk about accessories today and how much they help your outfits out. An outfit with out accessories is like a cake with out its frosting… just blah! Everyone loves a cake with lots of frosting! The best ways to accessorize your outfit is simple jewlrey that will go with a lot, a good handbag, and some cute sunglasses to complete your look.

Here are some examples of our favorite accessories:


Sunglasses12 (2)

NewArrivals7 (1)


Thanks for reading and have a great weekend! XO

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Simplify your life with a wallet

Hi guys! Wallets are a big deal. They hold your world in that thing, all your money! Wallets also make your purse more organized. I like having certain spots for my most important items! Wallets make your life more simple!

Below, I added some of my favorite wallets we have for the summer time:


Raven exotic wallet


Callie Snakeskin Smartphone Wallet


Ashley Mini Zebra wallet

bw2002 2

Mel Studded Wallet

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COLORS of summer <3

Hi guys! Welcome back and HAPPY FRIDAY! Woohoo! We are so excited that it is the weekend. The weeks seem to fly by! Hopefully time slows down a little bit so we can enjoy the summer sunshine before it’s over!

I want to talk about summer colors!!!! <3 Here is a list of the most popular colors that people buy during summer time.

  1. Yellow
  2. Pink
  3. purple
  4. Red
  5. Tan

Colors are so fun! Bright colors in the summer time are very popular! Did you know that pinks, reds, and purples make everyone feel happier? Crazy how colors can affect your mood! The brighter the colors, the happier! <3

Here are some pictures of our fun, summer handbags:

ClaraPebbledShoulderBag (1)

Pink handbags

MaeClassicSatchel9 (1)

Red handbags

JoyceTexturedSatchel (1)

Purple handbags


Thanks for reading! XO




Summer trends

Hi guys! It’s memorial weekend, that means school is out and it’s starting to feel a lot like summer! YAY!

I want to talk about all the fun, summer trends this year! They have been some of my absolute favorites so far:

  1. Rompers – So easy to wear and so comfy in the summer!
  2. overalls- You can never go wrong with overalls, they look great on everyone!
  3. clutchs- The perfect little helper!
  4. bright handbags- A pop of color to your outfit.
  5. Nike shoes- Cute& comfy? PERFECT.
  6. dresses- Easy to wear and you always look cute and flirty in a dress.





IrisStripedTassel2 (2)


MichaelaChainStrap (1)

Bright Handbags

BreeEnvelopeWallet (1)








Thanks for reading! XO